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About Us

Le Four believes that you are what you fuel your body with and therefore quality is at the heart of everything we do.

Right from the start, our mission is to promote healthy living by offering fresh and premium ingredients.


We want to entice the kind of people who like the quality and freshness of baked products. 

We make cakes that makes the entire house smell delicious when they are baking. These are the kind of cakes you serve with a nice cup of coffee. 

We also customise our products as per your health requirements.

Everything that goes up on the menu is derived from our artistic ability to create something healthy yet tasty and we are able to do so through the connection we have with our customers. 

Our Products

Our products are made to order. It’s prepared in small batches, packaged by hand and delivered fresh to your doorstep. 

All our cakes and brownies are incredibly moist, flavourful and are made with utmost care and precision, elevated with the finest ingredients. 


The hygiene of your freshly bakes is our priority. We take preventive measures to ensure highest quality and safety standards.

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